About Us:
Emailing is a big part of daily life, CurveMail is the next generation of mobile email client app, it is not only about keeping you in the loop, but also about fun.

End users usually take it for granted that things (e.g., accounts, messages, contacts, attachments, etc.) should be displayed in a rectangle shaped area, which is so boring; this old fashioned UI has been there for dozens of years and it is time to do a facelift. The interesting thing is that these days everyone is not a fan of Metro UI & its variants and everyone still uses and "enjoys" one of them. So the question is, are there other options? The answer is YES, Curved UI is one option, and it is simple, stylish, and energetic.

With CurveMail, you will definitely be amazed by its cool and unique features; it will jazz up your routine email experience for sure.


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