1. Is CurveMail free?
Absolutely, it is free.
2. Email address and password are 100% correct, however sometimes I get "can't login" error.
If you hit "Refresh" icon button very frequently within a short period of time, email server might be thinking that your email account is being hacked, so some protections and restrictions may be applied to your email account. For Gmail account, you can get an application specific password to avoid this inconvenience; for other email accounts (e.g., Yahoo mail and Hotmail), simply wait a bit - for example, 10-30 minutes - your email server might relax and drop those restrictions.
3. I set up my Gmail account with the application specific password, it has been working fine for quite a while. Now sometimes Gmail push notifications can't be received properly and it is so slow to download emails.
Please log into your Google account to reset the application specific password and change the settings in CurveMail accordingly.
4. How many email accounts can I set up in CurveMail?
You can set up as many email accounts as you like.
5. Does CurveMail work fine with Microsoft Exchange?
CurveMail supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP, and SSL & TLS security options are also available; so you can enable POP3 or IMAP inside Microsoft Exchange to allow CurveMail to connect to it.
6. How to import/export a file of email accounts' settings?
Inside email accounts list's window, press "Menu" button to pop up a dialog box and go from there.
7. How to change the folder among Inbox, Drafts, and Sent? How to sort email messages? How to mark all emails as read?
Inside email messages list's window, press "Menu" button to pop up a dialog box and go from there.
8. How to add/remove a star to an email?
Inside email view's window, click icon button to pop up a dialog box and go from there.
9. My email incoming server is IMAP and I toggle on "Push email" in account settings, however new emails are not pushed.
Some IMAP servers do not support the push feature, for example, Yahoo mail. So you could configure "Mail check frequency" setting to fetch new emails.
10. What is the maximum allowable size for attachments when I send an email?
The total size of all attachments must be less than 30M for outgoing emails.
11. Why is the mobile data usage for POP3 account(s) so big?
Since POP3 consumes more bandwidth than IMAP, you can increase the mail checking interval to save bandwidth.


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